Working toward one goal

Increasing access and utilization of quality care through our community partners to reduce late-stage breast cancer diagnosis and breast cancer mortality.

Grantee Materials

Reporting Forms

All grantee reporting and grant change requests will be completed and managed within GeMS. Please refer to the Grantee Orientation Handbook and GeMS Manual for further information related to grant reporting and modifications.

We strongly encourage each grantee to start their progress report early to allow time to input information into GeMS. Please do not wait until the last minute to submit since there might be glitches on GeMS due to increased traffic. The last day that you can initiate a progress report in GeMS will be one week before the deadline. Please see the table below for deadlines.

Reporting Cycle Last Day to Initiate Report in GeMS Progress Report Deadline
Apr - Oct 2018 (Mid-Year Report) October 24, 2018 October 31, 2018
Apr - Mar 2019 (Final Report) April 23, 2019 April 30, 2019

Grantee in Good Standing

Komen Greater NYC has instituted a set of standards to which all grantees who wish to reapply for Komen funding must adhere. There are five categories, which are further defined in the document Application Review Process - “"In Good Standing”:

  • General Conduct
  • Reporting
  • Unused Funds
  • Personnel Changes
  • Grantee Materials
  • Rescinded Funding / Termination of Contract