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Fundraise Your Way with Komen Greater NYC

Community Fundraising Creating More Moments

2017 NBCAM Action

It's one thing to talk about a cause; it's another to do something about it.


So we're done talking. It's time to kick complacency to the curb and get involved. Your time, your donations, and your fundraising matter. YOU matter. Join us in the fight against breast cancer. Breast Cancer Awareness Month is the perfect time to take action.

YOU can join our mission! Take your favorite boxing class, join your favorite yoga studio, or rock your favorite spin ride AND raise funds to support our programs! This Breast Cancer Awareness Month, it's as easy as staying on schedule to get involved.

It's what you do that makes you more than pink. How will you take action?

1. Register your fundraiser!
2. Customize your page and photo with your fundraiser details.
3. Share with anyone and everyone you know! Post on social and email your link to collect donations and let people know YOU are involved in the fight.
4. Your donations and fundraising will provide life-saving services to local women and families and contribute to national research to find the cures.

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