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2018 Race for the Cure

Team Dr. Bridget

Hi, My name is Dr. Bridget. I am a 27-year-old cosmetic dentist living in, what I like to think, is the center of the universe; NYC. Graduating dental school at the ripe age of 24, it’s safe to say that I have an immense passion for oral health care and putting smiles on peoples’ faces. I practice out of the heart of west village, and when I’m not working with my patients, I am either digitally designing smiles on my laptop or browsing through the new ready-to-wear collections on the fifth floor of Bergdorf Goodman. I am your quintessential NYC gal who enjoys a healthy mix of soul cycle and hot yoga. I am a self-proclaimed street style star and undercover foodie, often seen gracing the scene of the latest NYC food establishments. When I am not performing smile makeovers or running around NY in my latest athleisure looks, I like to escape the hustle and bustle of the city to spend time with my ever growing family.

Of the multitude of hobbies, passions, titles and characteristics that I use to describe myself, Breast Cancer WARRIOR is the last thing I could have imagined, though as of late March 2018, this has been added to the repertoire. Finding out that I have Stage 3 Invasive Ductal Carcinoma at the age of 26 was not an easy pill to swallow. It seemed as though my world filled with smiles, social events, and designer shoes was slipping away, making way for hospital visits, surgical procedures and chemotherapy; not such a fair trade, I must say. After the initial shock and fear subsided, I decided not to let the diagnosis take over or go into hiding. Instead, I came out to the world with my head held high; ready to fight like a boss; as I have with everything else in my life. I continue to work part time, live life to the fullest and chronicle my journey as I kick cancer’s ass in style!

By the time, we head for the races on September 9th, I will be finished with Chemotherapy, anxiously awaiting my mastectomy. I invite you all to join Team Dr. Bridget as we race for the cure, raising awareness and supporting everyone affected by this disease.

Over ten thousand New Yorkers will join over a thousand breast cancer survivors in Central Park on Sunday, September 9, 2018 for the Komen Greater NYC Race for the Cure. I’ll be there to run breast cancer out of town! Walk with me in Style, let’s cure Breast Cancer with a Smile!


Dr. Bridget

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Breast Cancer is Hard. THIS is a Walk in The Park!

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